Hundred Acre Wood Candle
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Hundred Acre Wood Candle

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Hundred Acre Wood - Mahogany and Teakwood.

Inspired by the American brand Bath & Body Works, this superb fragrance combines the popular dark woods – deep notes of Teakwood blend with the richness of Mahogany and Oak, the perfect setting for a spring day in the Hundred Acre Woods! Hints of Lavender help add even more depth to this fragrance.


Small (Same as gift set size)

Medium - approx 130g - burns for 30 hrs

Large - approx 220g - burns for 50 hrs 


Packaged - Our candles are surrounded by bubble wrap, shredding and tissue paper.


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Candle FAQs:

Why coconut wax?

We believe that coconut wax is the healthiest for our bodies,  most sustainable for the Earth, the cleanest burning on the market and it holds scent extremely well.

Do coconut candles smell of coconuts?

Coconut wax is made by first collecting coconuts and then cold pressing the oil out of the meat of the coconut. That coconut oil is then turned in to coconut wax through the process of hydrogenation which extracts the smell of coconuts.  Unless you order a coconut scented candle, there will be no smell of coconuts!

Am I allowed to use SOAP Collective candles if I have a nut allergy?

Our supplier has confirmed that due to the product not being consumed it is not an allergen. Coconuts are not officially a nut therefore a nut allergy would not apply.