Hello! Welcome to SOAP Collective!
I'm Jake, I started SOAP Co during the earlier lockdown in 2020.
My family and I dreamt up SOAP Co in 2017 but never found the time to make it a reality.
Although 2020 was a rough year, this business was born because of it!
As a family we have always been Disney focused. I've been venturing to the park since I was 1 and can't imagine my life without it.
Being in the UK, we sometimes struggle without a regular dose of magic, that's where SOAP Collective comes in.
We wanted to be able to offer products that will help with those Disney blues and deliver magic direct to your door.
We opened in July 2020 and the response to our opening was incredible! We took SOAP to The Magical Market in October and where completely overwhelmed by everyone's love of our products and brand. Due to this, we decided to grow the business even further and faster with new products, ideas and opportunities coming to light.
SOAP Collective is dedicated to offering soap-er products with
modern business morals.
We will always focus on being eco-friendly, vegan/vegetarian, cruelty free and made with magic!
We're so glad you've found us and hope you decide to stick around! Please be sure to check out our Instagram account for an (almost) daily dose of magic!
To all who come to this happy store, welcome!
- Jake.