Mini Melts
Mini Melts
Mini Melts
Mini Melts
Mini Melts
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Mini Melts

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We’re so excited to introduce our new Mini Melts! These tiny melts are colourful, come in great packaging and smell amazing!

Wax melts are small, highly scented pieces of wax. Rather than burning with a wick, like a candle, you use wax melts on an oil or electric burner.

We choose to make our wax melts with 8% fragrance oil, compared to the industry standard 1-3% as we want you to get the most magic out of our products!

Our Mini Melts are hand made with eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan soy wax. They are an excellent way to test out scents you may wish to order in candle form and perfect for gift giving.

Mini Melts are packaged in a recyclable kraft card tub, great for gifting to others, or yourself!

*Colours and scent strengths may vary between batches.


Wax Melts Safety

It is important to always read the safety information that has been provided with your burner prior to use.

Our wax melts can be used in electric and non-electric burners. Add a small amount of Mini Melts at a time until the required level of melted wax has been achieved.

Do not over fill the wax burner initially as wax may spill over. If wax remains in the burner bowl after use and you wish to remove it, you can soak up the melted wax with cotton balls or if the wax has hardened, light a tea light in the burner for 1 minute and the hardened wax will pop out in one piece.

Do not use metal or sharp objects to clean out wax as this may crack or damage the burner or cause injury.

Never leave the burner unattended and keep out of the way of children and pets. The burner produces hot wax that can cause injury.

Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool. Extinguish the tea light if the flame becomes enlarged, makes contact with the wax melt burner, or begins to smoke.